My Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is just around the corner and I’ve spent so much time thinking/stressing about what to get everyone else, I’ve not even thought about what I want. When a friend of mine asked what was on my Christmas wishlist, I was stumped. I still am to a certain degree. I don’t feel comfortable having a lot of money spent on me, particularly on items which I consider “luxurious” or items which I won’t get a lot of use out of.

For example, a couple of cookbooks have caught my eye in recent months. I have seen great reviews of Everyday Delicious by Chelsea Winter and I also love the look of The Rugby Pantry by Daisy Dagg and Amber Vito (wives of All Blacks, Israel Dagg and Victor Vito). My problem with asking for either of those is that 9/10 I will make meat and veges for lunch and dinner which I am quite content with. So how often will I use these cookbooks? If I want to make something specific, I will google a recipe for it. Also, how many recipes will I use out of the book? Generally there is one or two recipes that will become my go to and the rest of the book goes to waste.

Of course there are certain things I need for the household such as a lawnmower and rake. But how boring are those things?! Particularly since I’m not the one who mows the lawn! I may be at an age where I don’t want toys and enjoy certain household items but certainly not items that will be used for chores that I don’t even do!

I have never had this problem with Christmas presents before and I don’t know where it’s suddenly emerged from. Perhaps its because I’ve been in the position that I’ve been able to buy anything I’ve wanted for myself throughout the year. Perhaps I’ve just become older a bit more “nonchalant” about it all.

I did end up telling the BF that I would like a prezzy card so I could buy clothes but what is Christmas if you don’t get a surprise or something to open? Half the fun of Christmas is poking and shaking the presents under the tree to guess what they are!

So I turn to you, people of the blogosphere. What is on your Christmas wishlist? What are you hoping to see under the Christmas tree on Christmas Day? Leave me a comment and inspire me of ideas to put on my own wishlist.

K x

My Christmas Wishlist

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