It’s official

After over a year of searching for a full time job, I have finally received a job offer. It’s been a hard year, full of anxiety, stress and disappointment.

Looking at my saved cover letters,  I can see that I applied for over 150 jobs. I got interviews for no more than 10 and didn’t even get a response for many. It’s been disheartening, that’s for sure. There were many jobs that I had all the skills and experience for but nothing eventuated from them. I understand that employers get SO many applications and there would be many instances that they didn’t even look at my application. The ones I didn’t get interviews for, I knew I couldn’t take personally. All they had was a couple of pieces of paper to judge me from. It was the jobs which I had interviews for that really got to me. I poured so much effort into deciding what to wear, preparing what to say and moving around my schedule to make time for these interviews. But that wasn’t even the worst part. The worst part was the phone call declining me where I heard on numerous occasions,

“We think you are amazing! But….”

The but was always followed by some very broad statement. Generally, there was someone more experienced than me. Considering I’m only 24 and have spent 4 years of my adult life at uni, this wasn’t unusual. But it made me feel like all the part time jobs I’d had at reputable organisations (totaling over 6 years), counted for nothing.

I also had a interview with a recruitment consultant who told me that my education experience was considered “too messy” and might be putting employers off. This was due to the fact that I’d gone from a business degree to primary school teaching and was trying to get back into a corporate role. Once again, I understood how it would appear that way to employers but it was frustrating because once I commit to something, I stick with it for a good amount of time.

In saying that, now that I have received a job offer and the job hunt is over, I am thankful for all the rejections I received. In hindsight, I can see that the roles were not right for me. Knowing how hard it can be to get employed, I am thankful that I did not get offered a job that wasn’t right for me and have to go through this process again. Also, these rejections made me hungrier for it. Yes, it was disheartening but it was also so motivating. With every rejection I received, I was more determined to find a role and prove that I am worth something.

Am I sad that teaching didn’t work out? I’m not sure. My teaching diploma was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done in my life. I am proud of myself for sticking with it, even when I was sitting outside the school in my car crying because I didn’t want to go inside. Am I disappointed that I went through all this stress to only end up in a field which I didn’t require my teaching qualification for? Yes. It cost me a lot of time and money to study that! But I believe that everything happens for a reason and I have faith that this was the way it was supposed to happen.

My new journey starts on the 5th of January. I am nervous for the role because I know that it is going to be one hell of a challenge. I am also going to miss all the down time I have at the moment but mostly, I am excited. Excited to be able to tell people that I have a respectable job position, employed by a reputable agency with great career prospects. And lets not forget about the money. I’ve already started spending it in my head. First up will be a midwinter get away in 2016.

I’m already looking forward to it.

K x

It’s official

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