The commitment

I’m about to get really real up in here. I have planned to do a Whole30, starting tomorrow. I decided this a few days ago and I had big plans to write a big blog post about it, explaining what it is and why I had decided to do it. Alas, life got in the way. And now it is Sunday, I am about 50% hungover and 80% tired and I have stared at my screen for about half an hour, unable to put any words in this blog.

But since I am starting tomorrow and I am planning on writing and letting you know how I am going throughout it, I knew that I had to at least acknowledge that I was starting it. I will say that if you are interested in what a Whole30 is, google is amazing and will tell you heaps or you can check out  Pick and Paleo who have a great explanation of it, also.

What I can think straight enough to tell you is that it is a 30 day commitment of eating and drinking nothing but “Whole” foods. This means I won’t be having any dairy, grains, legumes or refined sugars.

The one thing Google wont tell you is why I am doing this. And I think after a weekend of binge eating and drinking, the way I am feeling is a good explanation why. As proud as I am of the progress I have made in my eating habits since losing 30kg, I am still not perfect. Somedays my eating habits are great but some days leave little to be desired. Leave me in a house full of fresh fruit and veges and meat and that’s what I’ll eat. Put me in a work morning tea and I will eat all the bread and chips and dip and cheese and chocolate and lollies and biscuits. At the moment I’m eating anything and everything and I am feeling tired and bloated and generally a bit “ick”. It’s time for me to go back to the basics and reset the way I look at food.

I have done a Whole30 back in December 2013 so I know that I can do it. Granted, my situation was different back then and I wasn’t trying to balance a full time job, errands, exercise and a social life. This time will be different but I know that people in much harder circumstances successfully complete Whole30 so I really don’t have any excuse. I’m excited to reset my body and my mind and I can’t wait to bring you along on the journey with me.

Have you done a Whole30 before? Do you have any advice for me? Leave it in the comments below!

The commitment

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