Whole 30 – days 3 + 4

Day 4 already! And what a rollercoaster it has been..

I left you on day 2 where The Timeline said I should be in the hangover phaze, experiencing headaches and fatigue. Surprising on day 3, I didn’t have as big of a headache as I did on day 2 (progress!), however being the over achiever I am, half way through day 3 I prematurely moved on to the Kill all the things phaze…

Day 45.JPG

Yesterday afternoon I got suddenly snippy at people who were trying to be supportive but just made me angry. I snapped at several people (apologies to those people!) and it was made worse by my dinner disaster which saw me have a few bites of chicken and a green tea for dinner (don’t ask – I’m still bitter about it).

Today wasn’t much better. I started off well, making it to my 6.30 gym class, I even enjoyed my almond milk coffee! However there were a series of things at work which wouldn’t have been a big deal on a normal day. But on Whole30 day 4? I was in a fit of rage! (Okay I wasn’t quite that bad..) but I was definitely moody and kept to myself to avoid having to put up with anyone else.

That was all made better by the amazing dinner I had (Whole30 nachoes #forthewin), and now I am sitting contently on my couch ready for a good night of trashy TV. I am feeling a bit tired but overall it is going well. I have not yet been tempted by anything (touch wood!) and it’s almost the weekend  so I really cannot complain.

K x

Whole 30 – days 3 + 4

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