Whole 30 – Days 8 + 9 + 10 + 11


I’ve been sitting here for a while trying to figure how to start this blog. I think it must be that I have four days to catch you up on that is making this such a struggle. I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday* let alone how I felt four days ago. But I know that the longer I leave this blog, the harder it is going to be so bear with me while I try and string some half decent sentences together.


Days 89.JPG

Now I cannot confirm or deny that my pants were tighter during these 2 days, mainly because I deliberately avoided wearing pants knowing that this phaze was coming up (FYI, I wore stockings). What I can confirm is that the bloating was definitely present. It is worth noting that the above paragraph notes that this phaze can last about a week and (because I did not have a weeks worth of stocking appropriate clothing) I am wearing pants today. I’m not sure if I would say they’re tighter, and if they’re any looser, it’s not by a lot. My bloating is still present (potentially because of my monthly lady visitor) but it’s not the feeling of bloating from eating too much startchy food so I am enjoying that! I also had the most AMAZING Whole30 meal on Tuesday night. Chicken, Bacon and Mushroom casserole which I think was better than any “normal” version of the dish I had ever made.


dAYS 1011.JPG

Now this is the phaze that I would dispute the most. Out of all my days so far, quitting was no more on my mind than any other day. Quitting has not yet crossed my mind (although after an awful day at work yesterday, I did think a glass of wine would be nice). I know I was cranky and impatient yesterday but not any more so than I would’ve been after having the day I had. Apart from the wine craving (which wasn’t even that serious), I did not feel like running home to stuff my face with bad food to make myself feel better (which is progress within itself!).

11 days down and I am yet to see any of the benefits I had hoped to. I don’t think my energy levels have increased, my skin is AWFUL and I definitely don’t think I have lost any weight. In saying that, I am remaining positive and I am proud of the 11 days I have made it through so far. I am optimistic that these benefits will come through as everyone says they do.

Until they do however, I will keep choking down my broccoslaw, wishing it was a burger.

K x

*I do remember – it’s eggs. It’s always eggs.

Whole 30 – Days 8 + 9 + 10 + 11

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