Whole 30 – Days 12 + 13 +14

Holy moly, I can’t believe today is day 14 of my Whole 30! What an AMAZING feeling (probably not as amazing as day 30). To be quite honest, not a lot has changed since I blogged on day 11. It’s been the weekend which is always a challenge. In saying that, even though it’s Sunday evening and I’ll be glad to get back in to my routine tomorrow,  I’m still sad it’s Monday tomorrow. On the plus side, it is a long weekend next weekend!

Days 12 – 15

This is the stage where typically people have boundless energy – which is great right?! But they tend to develop massive food cravings. Last time round, I was definitely tempted by the food around me. I even remember sniffing someones chocolate to help get my fix. This time round, I’ve really not been tempted at all. And I really can’t figure out why. I think I will put it down to the fact that I’ve not been around any food that is tempting. We haven’t yet had a shared morning tea at work (2 weeks without a morning tea is unheard of). I also think it is because this time round, I am more aware of my options. Last time round I had boiled eggs for breakfast EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING (to the point where I wouldn’t eat breakfast). This time I’ve had smoothies and chia seed pudding and salmon. It’s been a lot more bearable and I feel like I can continue this type of eating in my every day life. Lunches are also a lot easier with the introduction of broccoslaw and I’ve found this great pre made salad at New World which is a god send on days where I’ve prepped meat but no veges. Adding to that, my Sunday night meal prep is making such a difference too. This time round I’ve felt powerful and in control.

One thing I have struggled with this week has been motivation to get to the gym. I ditched it on Monday evening to come home to the warm house, I went on Thursday morning but ditched my power class for a walk on the treadmill, and I ditched yesterday morning in favour of a walk around the bays. I do like going to the gym in the morning (mainly because I get to drive to work which makes my life a hell of a lot easier) but it can be really hard to push myself at 6 in the morning (hence the walk). I’ve been trying to find a routine which works for me (days convenient to go with classes I enjoy) but I think I may have to get back in to my running. There’s no set times or days to go to run and it’ll allow me to go straight to the gym after work so I don’t have to go home first and face the temptation of staying home.

Even though I only posted 3 days ago, I already feel like my skin has started to clear and my body is starting to change. Tomorrow is day 15 and I can expect the Tiger Blood to start kicking in at any point from here. I can also expect some food boredom to sink in. I’ll let you know how it goes.

K x

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Whole 30 – Days 12 + 13 +14

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