I know I am probably due another Whole30 catchup – but instead I decided to just write a few things that I am loving/hating/enjoying/watching at the moment. This is partly because I love reading posts like this but also partly because I need a break from this Whole30 which is slowly but surely consuming my life*

*Potentially a bit dramatic.

** Whole30 has consumed this blog post also

Anyway, let’s get the negatives out of the way…

Things I am hating;

The fact that my heater is broken so it’s either light a fire, or freeze.

Getting up early! I’ve not hated this in a while but after the long weekend, it’s been #strugglestreet.

Things I am proud of;

Making it through to Day 23 of #Whole30! It felt like just yesterday it was the early days and I couldn’t see the end. Obviously there’s still 7 days to go but every meal I get a little bit closer and a lot prouder.

Tying in to that is the meal prep I’ve been doing to make sure I’m successful in this Whole30. There’s only been a couple of times that I’ve been caught short and I’ve learnt a lot of great tips which I am going to carry on with post Whole30.

The amount of great feedback I am getting at work. It feels like every day I’m getting complimented or praised on something I have done. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that I am doing well at my job and finally getting the hang of it.

Things I miss;

Having my days free like I did when I was unemployed! Even though being unemployed was a miserable time in my life, I did love the sleep ins and not having to leave the house when it was raining.

Going out and socialising without having to bring my own food! As much as Whole30 has been great, I do miss being carefree and not having to plan every single meal in advance.

Things I need to improve on;

Getting to the gym! I’ve meant to go every day this week but I have just not felt it. I know that all it’ll take is one session to get my groove back but it’s getting to the gym for that one session that is the hard part…

Looking after my body better(such as shaving my legs before the hairs make my stockings hurt). With the colder seasons here it can be tempting to jump into your PJ’s before moisturizing or not washing your hair because you can’t be bothered drying it but it really does make you feel good which you need during these colder months.

Things I’m excited about; 

All my social events coming up post Whole30! I chose an amazing time to do my Whole30 because I have events coming up for the four weeks after finishing and I’m excited to let my hair down and enjoy a few cheeky glasses of wine, knowing that I earned them.

Having a few days off work in the next couple of months. Even though I don’t have much planned for them, it’ll be nice to have a wee break. I just hope I don’t spend the entire time thinking about work and things that may happen while I’m away.

Things I’m thankful for;

Being able to drive to work! Not doing it every day makes me appreciate it when I do allow myself to do it. It makes my days so much easier and means I don’t have to put up with all timetables, bad driving and loud people on the bus.

Green seedless grapes and pineapple. My saviour while being on Whole30.

Things I wish;

There were more hours in the day! It feels as though after work, dinner and a bit of housework, it’s time for bed. Weekends go by far too fast and after I get all the chores done, it’s back to work. I don’t know how working parents do it all!

That I could go on a holiday to a tropical island with some warm weather and cocktails. Enough said.




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