Some days..

Some days you go to the gym and eat healthy…
Some days you stay at home in front of the fire and eat chocolate mousse.

Some days you jump out of bed raring to go…
Some days you lie there looking at your phone until you only have 20 minutes to get ready.

Some days you get all of your work tasks done for the day..
Some days you sit and push everything out to tomorrow.

Some days you post a selfie on insta because you’re feeling bomb af…
Some days you feel insecure looking at other peoples social media.

Some days you can graciously deal with co-workers who piss you off…
Some days you have to grit your teeth and look the other way.

Some days you know exactly what direction your life is going in…
Some days you don’t even know what direction tomorrow is going in.

Some days you sit down to write a thought-provoking blog post…
And some days you write down a load of shit.

I’ll let you figure out which day today has been x

Some days..

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