Hi, I’m Kristyn (pronounced Chris-Tin). I’ve had blogs in the past but they never seem to grow with me. I’ve labelled this as The lazy girls guide to her 20’s in hopes that it’ll grow with me for another six years. The lazy part stems from the fact that I like to do things as quickly, efficiently and with as little effort possible. I call it working smarter, not harder.

Although I do not consider myself an expert in any field, I do feel as though I have quite a bit of knowledge in relationships, health, fitness, beauty, fashion and being in your 20s. These opinions are all my own and are based on my own experiences, not on proven science.

I have a degree in business and am a fully trained primary school teacher (is that a weird combo?). But right now I spend my days working as a public servant, watching too much TV and trying to persuade myself to get to the gym. It doesn’t sound all that fascinating, but life is about the journey, not the destination (or something like that).

I think I’ve reached my cheesy quote limit for a blog bio but if you do have any questions or general comments, please feel free to get in contact with me through the comments, twitter or instagram.

Twitter: @kristynmargaret

Instagram: @kristynmargaret

For promotional enquiries, please email: Kristynmaxwell@gmail.com


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